What experience do I need if I would like to join a dragon boat club?

  • Absolutely none!

Can I try paddling the dragon boat before I make a commitment to join the club?

  • Yes.  The first (3) three training sessions are free, so you can decide whether you like to continue.

If I join the club, will it cost me a lot of money?

  • There is a membership fee (details on our ‘membership information’ page) and all members are required to have uniform shirt when competing at regattas.  Other expenses can be incurred if you take part in regattas, but participation is entirely optional.

Is there a minimum age, or maximum age limit?

  • The minimum starting age is 12.   There is no maximum age.

What equipment will I need as a paddler?  Is it necessary for me to buy this equipment?

  • Paddles are supplied.  Some members buy their own paddles.  Paddling gloves are useful.  Wear comfortable shoes, and clothes that you aren’t afraid of getting a little wet.

Do I have to be a ‘super athlete’ to join a dragon boat club?

  • We accept all fitness levels.  But be warned! Much to your surprise, you may end up becoming a ‘Super Athlete’.

Does the club have a dry land training program?

  • Team members are encouraged to maintain a level of fitness.  Many of the team members have their own fitness strategies for improving their fitness levels.

How long does the dragon boating season last?

  • We paddle all year round.  The regattas are normally held between July and March.

Should I expect to paddle in all weather?

  • We don’t paddle when conditions are likely to be hazardous, for instance, during an electrical storm.  The decision not to paddle is made by our Coach and Team Captain.
  • On land training may occur in the ‘Paddlers’ Den’ on days when the weather is not favourable for paddling. This will be decided by Coach or Club Committee

What is the minimum number of paddlers needed to proceed with training, or to participate in a regatta?

  • Our team prefers to train with a least 10 paddlers in the boat.  To go out with less than 10 poses injury and safety risks.
  • Regattas usually require a minimum 18 paddlers for 20’s teams and 8 paddlers for 10’s teams.  Paddlers from other clubs will sometimes join our paddlers to make up numbers.

What if I can’t attend training?

  • Not a problem.  We all have situations where we are unable to attend a training session.
  • If you are competing in a upcoming event, it is expected that you attend as many training sessions as possible.

In each season how many regattas does the club take part in?

  • This varies from year to year.  It is approximately 6 – 7 per year.  We also try to attend the State and National Championships each year.
  • The club also attends some NSW regattas as well as other events the committee decides to attend outside of DBQ sanctioned events
  • Apart from regattas we also try and promote the sport via ‘Come & Try’ days, local festivals and other promotional/fundraising events.

Will I be expected to attend every regatta or event?

  • Your participation is entirely up to you.  We give every paddler the opportunity to race.  Should you choose to take part in one of the regattas, you may or may not paddle in every race, depending on how many paddlers have registered for the event.
  • Your participation in other (non-paddling) events throughout the year is also voluntary, but we ask that you support our endeavours as much as possible.

Besides paddling, what other commitments will I have as a club member?

  • Redcliffe Red Dragons provides its members a great deal for a nominal annual fee.  In return, we simply ask that you participate in some way during our fundraisers.  We also ask that you uphold our policies and ‘Code of Conduct’.